Stillwater, Oklahoma

Hailing from Fox, Oklahoma, Trenton Fletcher began performing while going to school at Oklahoma Baptist University in 2017. Influenced heavily by Stillwater red dirt songwriters like Cody Canada, Jason Boland and Mike McClure, he transferred to Oklahoma State University in 2018 where he released his first single “Be My Heartache” and started Trent Fletcher Band soon after. 


While finishing college, Fletcher hosted a variety open mics and song swaps at Willies Saloon, Great White Buffalo, and The Other Side Tavern in an attempt to help contribute to the once again growing music scene in Stillwater. During his time in Stillwater, he has had multiple releases, with the most recent being the band’s full length album titled “Nonessential” released in August of 2021.


Trenton Fletcher will be releasing a new single titled“It Rains In Tulsa Too” later this year.